So what do you do?


The Burnaby Youth Hub aims to ensure that all youth have access to the services and support to help become independent, engaged adults.

The Burnaby Youth Hub is a space where youth can access a variety of programs and services to support physical, mental, and sexual healthaccess to education and employment; capacity building and skill development; and social engagement and empowerment.

The Hub is proud to work with a number of partner agencies and organizations that provide all of our programs and services. This includes the Hub Youth Centre, facilitated by the Lower Mainland Purpose Society; the Hub School, in partnership with the Burnaby School District (SD41); the Burnaby Youth Clinic, in partnership with Fraser Health Authority; and a number of other programs and services  provided by our other organizational partners.  

The Hub aims to provide youth with harm-reductive strategies in a safe, nurturing environment. The Hub is a safe space for LGBTQ2SA youth, for people of colour, and for folks with varying accessibility needs. 

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