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The Hub School is a secondary alternative education program run by the Burnaby School District. The school has been created to meet the needs of students who have had challenges succeeding at traditional high schools.

The program is designed for students aged 13 - 19 years who have dropped out of the regular school system or who have very high levels of non-attendance even though they have not officially withdrawn.

Together with the teachers, students design their own unique program based on their personal needs and availability. The majority of classes offered at the Hub are self-paced, meaning a student can complete courses at their own rate. Class sizes are also kept small, so students can receive the attention and support they need.

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Direct School Line: 604.569.3435

Angela Hamre, Youth Engagement Support Worker
angela.hamre@sd41.bc.ca  |  604.760.2300

Sue Dorey, Manager: School Services (SD41)
sue.dorey@sd41.bc.ca  |  604. 296.6900 X 661026